Rose of Gold – Empowered Energy Activation with Sonia Bestulic

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Rose of Gold - Empowered Energy Activation with Sonia Bestulic
This is a powerful activation written and facilitated by Sonia Bestulic. Gifting you with new heights of empowered energy.

What you’ll get…

A deepening of your connection of mind-body-soul-spirit
An initiation to release long-held patterns that no longer serve your highest potential
An embodied sense of empowered energy; to take inspired and aligned actions
It is an honour to share in your flourishing journey.

Love Sonia xo

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Sonia Bestulic

Sonia Bestulic


Sonia Bestulic is a multi-award nominated Author, Speech Pathologist, Podcaster, and highly regarded Speaker. She is also the Founder of Talking Heads Speech Pathology clinics, in Sydney Australia. Sonia is an advocate for honouring mothers’ wellbeing, celebrating children, and living a life powered by love. She combines real-world experience having worked with thousands of mothers and their children, together with her own lived motherhood, raising three children (all born within about 2 ½ years!). An extraordinary blend of creativity, intellect, empathy and passionate, determined drive; Sonia shares a natural gift for empowering those with children in their lives, to embrace their own personal growth.

Award Winning Book: FLOURISH FOR MUMS by Sonia Bestulic