The #1 Way we Unknowingly Surrender our Personal Power + 3 Proven Practices to Reclaim It

Let’s set the tone for 2024 by standing in our personal power.

And before I go further; let me clarify that the energy of pure personal power is not one that holds any level or form of aggression, entitlement or superiority. Pure personal power holds the energy of humility, graceful strength and reverent self-respect.

Today’s article, in my monthly newsletter series, What Did You Forget? intends to;

  • help you remember your personal power;
  • understand how you often (unknowingly) surrender it; and importantly,
  • have you practice the process of reclaiming your pure personal power and embodying it

Why is this so important?

Because, as humans, we are born creators; however from birth, we commence ‘training’ as consumers; at a societal and cultural level. This has us ‘normalise’ the giving away of our personal power. We forget how to own it.

Working closely with so many individuals over the decades, the realisation that you have (often) lived your life having given your power away can be experienced as a rude shock; an unwelcome awakening… a confronting and uncomfortable truth. I personally can relate!

So what is the number #1 way we unknowingly drain ourselves energetically of our personal power?

By holding the energy of resentment.

Resentment quietly erodes our inner strength and plays a core role in the gradual loss of our personal power. This in turn, creates a barrier between our true selves, our potential for deep personal/ spiritual growth and our inherent pure power.

Of course, there is resentment we are aware of at a conscious level; and that which we retain at a subconscious level; unaware we still hold it until something triggers it.

And, there is ancestral resentment, passed on through the generations, until someone decides to break the cycle, and do the inner work to release the carried burden of resentment.

I know, I have gone deep straight off the bat… and why not? It’s part of our ‘humanness contract’ to learn, grow and evolve; so let’s support one another… after all, it benefits us all as a collective.

And for those of you nurturing career/ business and family…

Know that weaving the following three powerful practices into your daily life, sets the foundation for nurturing a Flourishing Family.The positive flow-on effects for your children; will help them navigate their own lives with confidence and deep understanding of their own inherent pure power in navigating their life journey.

So, let’s dive into the three proven practices to reclaim your personal power.

  1. Elevated Forgiveness Practice

Holding onto resentment is like carrying a heavy burden that hinders our spiritual and emotional well-being. Forgiveness is not about absolving others for their wrongdoings. It is a gift of freedom we offer ourselves. Through forgiveness, we literally release the energetic weight and burden we carry; creating space for healing and growth. We tap into the divine energy of compassion, paving the way for the restoration of personal power.

I use a variety of forgiveness practices within my work, selecting tools aligned to the individual. One of my personal favourites is a forgiveness practice shared by Dr & Master Sha (link at the bottom of this article).

I also explore forgiveness more deeply in my award-winning book, Flourish for Mums, 21 ways to thrive with self-care and acceptance; and within The Freedom in Forgiveness (a transformational book series by Karen Weaver)

Adopting a forgiveness practice is an absolute must; and remember, it goes well beyond forgiving others; the power reclaimed and deep healing that comes with self-forgiveness is immeasurable.

2. Anchoring Presence Practice

When you find yourself mildly triggered by something; and the energy of resentment rises; bring yourself back to centre using your breath. Take a long breath coming from above your head; down the centre of your body; to the base of your spine (squeeze into that pelvic area too); allow your breath to cycle back up above your head, and repeat. Focus your mind on the base of your spine as you cycle your breaths, and whilst breathing, repeat silently (or out aloud),

I allow this energy, I feel this energy, I release this energy with loving kindness.

This is a powerful focused practice that helps you metabolise resentment energy and create renewed space for higher frequency flourishing energy.

3. Embodied Gratitude Practice (different to thankfulness)

The third proven way to reclaim your pure personal power is the cultivation of an embodied gratitude practice. There is a difference between thankfulness and gratitude. The key difference being that thankfulness is often a transactional energy; whereas gratitude is an embodied, felt energy.

Gratitude acts as a transformative force that shifts our focus from lack to abundance. In moments of resentment, we often fixate on what we believe has been taken from us. However, by embracing gratitude, we redirect our attention to the blessings that surround us. A daily practice of gratitude invites a profound shift in perspective, awakening a sense of appreciation for life’s experiences.

As we immerse ourselves in gratitude, we reconnect with the divine flow of energy that sustains us, allowing our personal power to flourish once more.

Owning your personal power with purity is a gentle yet strong virtue. Elevated forgiveness, anchoring in presence, and embodying gratitude, all serve to nurture a harmonious relationship with yourself; and in turn, with others.

Resentment no longer becomes an energetic leakage; and is rather, an opportunity for you to choose YOU, honouring your life path with grace, joy and freedom.

May we flourish together.

Sonia xo

Sonia Bestulic, helps people create flourishing lives.

A 3x award winning Author (of childrens and adult books); Coach, Speaker and Podcaster; Sonia is renowned as a creative and socially conscious entrepreneur; highly esteemed for her expertise in human sciences, as a Speech Pathologist (of over 25 years) and for her transformative work as an Intuitive Life Coach; blending spiritual teaching, ancient wisdom and energetic healing.

Sonia loves helping people (especially families) move beyond the survival cycle, to flourish forward in life.

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