3 Transformative Ways to Rise from The Energy of Frustration

Yes we all feel frustration; however have you ever paused to consider why?

For most people, when I ask what is frustrating them; their minds typically conjure an image of someone in their life (including themselves); a circumstance they have no control over, or a systemic issue at local and/ or global level.

I deemed this topic worthy of an article, because too often, we don’t realise the impact frustration has on our wellness, and potentially that of others. We forget.

If you find yourself stuck believing the reason for your frustration is caused by someone or something else, know that you are placing yourself in a position of personal disempowerment. Now, isn’t that even more frustrating?!

There’s no need to inadvertently store the energy of frustration within yourself; and so my intention in writing this article, is to empower you to:

  • better understand frustration at various (perhaps unconsidered) levels;
  • know how to healthily process it
  • rise above, release and evolve from frustration energy

So, first up, I am going to invite you to consider frustration in three different ways.

  1. Your mind (conscious and subconscious)

When you have expectations of how someone should act, respond or behave; and/ or expectations of how a scenario should have played out… according to your personal, internal rule book and belief system (at conscious and subconscious levels), it creates what I refer to as ‘energetic threads’, where you have attached yourself to a particular outcome, people or expectations; which in turn, causes resistance to your natural flow of life; resulting in… yes you guessed it – frustration.

If you are keen to dig a little deeper when it comes to understanding your expectations check out my free 4 min Expectations Health Check.

2. Energy flow

Your wellness is governed by the vital energy flow throughout your body. The energetic frequency of frustration stems from the emotional category of anger. This can stagnate or block vital energy flow. When energy is not able to move freely, it can manifest as physical or emotional discomfort. No doubt, you have noticed how the energy of frustration affects your body.

Many healing practices and wisdom, including Traditional Chinese Medicine; identify the liver as the organ that stores and processes anger; including frustration, bitterness and resentment.

The good news – frustration (and other emotions) are ‘designed’ to be ‘in motion’… ie you don’t need to store frustration!

3. Energy (chakra) systems (also sometimes referred to as soul houses)

Frustration may be linked to imbalances in the solar plexus chakra, medically referred to as the celiac plexus. This energy centre is associated with personal power and self-will; and is located between the belly button and the base of the sternum. Too often we inadvertently give our personal power away; so the process of learning daily practices of reclaiming and nurturing your pure personal power becomes non-negotiable.

If you feel this is strongly resonating with you; I invite you to bookmark my article sharing the #1 way we surrender our personal power and 3 proven practices to reclaim it.

NOW… for those of you nurturing career/ business and family…

Know that weaving the following three transformative practices into your daily life, sets the foundation for nurturing a Flourishing Family.

Why? Because, your ability to experience frustration with more of a processed, and proactive response, circuit breaks any reactive cycle and risk of escalated emotion and outward blame. And, of course this provides a powerful model for your children to learn from.

This helps children navigate the pathway of processing their own emotions, and developing a positive relationship with the spectrum of emotions they/ we are all wired to experience.

So, let’s dive into three ways to rise above frustration, and regain vital flourishing flow.

#1 Come into body

This is an immediate response tool, you can use starting today…

When experiencing frustration, come into breath awareness; and lead your breath within the key area/s of your body that are experiencing the energy of frustration. E.g. you may experience frustration as a tightening in the chest, and/or constriction in the throat area.

Breathe into these areas, and squeeze into them; before releasing the tension with an exhale, ‘seeing’ and feeling that energy release down through your body and into the earth far beneath you. Repeat as many times as you feel you need to.

This helps you process, metabolise and release this energetic frequency, promoting a reinstatement of your vital energetic flow.

Remember that using your breath as a tool for managing frustration is a skill that develops over time with regular practice. Consistency is key to building this response pathway and making it more readily available to you in moments of frustration.

Dr Sue Morter, Master of Bioenergetic Medicine shares a practice called “Take it to the Body” within her work and teachings. I’ve popped a link to her work in the resources section at the bottom of this article.

#2 Let your mind be the observer

Cultivating mindful observer consciousness allows you to step back from the drama of frustrations and observe your thoughts and emotions. You become a witness to your frustrations, without immediately reacting.

This will help detangle the energetic threads you may have inadvertently created, and observe with compassion and detachment. It stops the frequency of frustration energy from dominating your consciousness and/ or being stored; and ensures you facilitate freely flowing energy.

So… this creates space for soulful healing and growth.

#3 Embrace the soul level lesson

Beyond the physical and energetic, frustration often holds soul-level lessons. At the quantum level, everything is interconnected, and our thoughts and emotions contribute to the fabric of reality. This interconnectedness extends to the soul, suggesting that frustration may be a signal for deeper soul work.

So what does that mean? It means we go inwards to understanding the soul-level reasons behind the frustration; and welcome the healing that needs to come from it. Even if you don’t quite understand the deeper reasons, you can silently ‘welcome the soul healing and learning that needs to come from this’; and feelgratitude for this. This allows you to accept the ‘communication’ of frustration energy as a transformative source, transmuting it for soul growth.

My work with individuals at this transformative level has gifted me the honour of witnessing incredible positive changes that flow into and across all areas of life. Using a holistic framework fosters not only emotional resilience but also profound soulful growth.

These practices can be a powerful, all encompassing starting place for you too. Remember, you CAN CHOOSE, to let frustration be your gateway to restore inner harmony, for you, and potentially for those with whom you share your world.

May we flourish together,

Sonia xo

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Sonia loves helping people (especially families) move beyond the survival cycle, to flourish forward in life.

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