3 Intentional Ways to Embrace your Authentic Brilliance

Welcome to this first article of What Did You Forget? A newsletter, offering you a deep wedge of wisdom, each month; inviting you to an enriched pathway to flourish; across any and all areas of life.

So why have I entitled this newsletter What Did You Forget?

Because change, transformation, progress… and essentially our reason for being here (to grow, learn and evolve) is not an acquisition of anything new – it is a process of remembering what we already are, and the deep wisdom we already have access to.

Having worked with thousands of people (of all ages) across the world for almost three decades; i’ve observed; and personally experienced that in the midst of our daily grind, slow yet steady exhaustion occurs; not just at a physical, mental, emotional level; but at our heart and soul level. Our ‘inner spark’ dims to varying degrees … often from fighting our own brilliance and overlooking our innate greatness. We forget.

Why is this a crucial observation?

Because the process of remembering our deep truths; and embodying them, is how we align and harmonise with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us.

And for those of you nurturing career/ business and family…

Know that weaving the three powerful principles i share in this article, into your daily life, sets the foundation for nurturing a Flourishing Family. The positive flow-on effects for your children; will help  them navigate their own lives with confidence and deep understanding of their own inherent brilliance, and how to set it free to shine in this world.

So, let’s dive into three powerful and practical principles that help you authentically shine in your day-to-day life.

1. Action the Practice of Self-Worthiness:

Saying an affirmation to yourself is one thing. Feeling your affirmation is another. Taking actions that align with thought and feelings…? Well now you are actioning the practice of self-worthiness.

Starting and ending the day with gratitude, not just for what you have; but for the deep truth of who you are, is a powerful way to align your commitment to honour your self-worth – unconditionally. Why is this so important? Not only do you align with the abundant energy of the universe; you express your unique and authentic version of yourself, helping others do the same.

This is the foundation upon which your brilliance can truly flourish.

2. Cultivate High Vibration Connections

Think of your relationships as energetic connections that either fuel or drain your brilliance. Surround yourself with those who uplift your authentic self. By doing so, you create an environment where you continue to grow and flourish.

Know that universal law will have you attract high vibrational people and opportunities into your life; when you are nurturing your own high vibe flourishing frequency.

Want to learn the basics for setting up the foundation for a flourishing frequency?

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3. Have Faith in the Flow

Life is dynamic and full of possibilities. So let go of strict plans and strongly held outcomes… surrender to the journey, and trust that the universe has incredible potential waiting to unfold.

Allow your authentic magnificence to manifest naturally by letting go of rigid control. Remember, exhaustion often stems from resisting the ebb and flow of life.

The concept of embracing your authentic brilliance goes way beyond any mental effort or ‘tick a box’ on a ‘to do’ list. It is a way of integrated being and living; that when embodied, truly transforms all areas of your life to flourish.

May we flourish together.

Sonia xo


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