Sonia offers two core speaking themes, infused with compelling narratives, transformational philosophies and wisdom teachings; weaving her vast expertise of human science and behaviour, communication science, and bioenergetics together with evidence-based tools, tips and practical strategies.

All speaking engagements are specially tailored; integrating your unique objectives and desired outcomes; with the ultimate goal of empowering your team or community to flourish.

Mastering the Energy of Heart-Led Self-Leadership

Flourishing in any area of life requires mastery of one’s energy system.

Imagine a team who build one another up; trust in their own abilities and creativity; readily and authentically communicate; and inspire productivity with ease.

This is the power of heart-led self-leadership. A theme which shares science backed evidence supporting ways to:

      • Discover how to use energy to make quick, effective and aligned decisions
      • Understand the principles of nurturing calm, clarity and creativity
      • Strengthen relationships with the power of communication energetics
      • Break the circuitry of reactivity; with empowering tools to self-regulate, be present, and be responsive ready

Shifting the Energy of your Family Ecosystem to Flourish

You can nurture a flourishing family, without sacrificing your health, wealth or dreams.

What would it feel, if you could to shift the energy of your family beyond the survival cycle, to flourish forward with more fun, freedom and fulfilment?

This transformational keynote for parents and carers of any family dynamic, this will:

      • Inspire a broadened and deeper perspective on the energetics of the family ecosystem
      • Foster strengthened family relationships with authentic  connection and communication
      • Offer science backed solutions for common daily stressors experienced by those nurturing both family and a business/ career.
      • Share the art of creating a flourishing family future

Sonia shares a brilliant dynamic of intellect, insight and intuition, gifting both transformation and inspiration.

Sonia shares a brilliant dynamic of intellect, insight and intuition; gifting both transformation and inspiration.

Award Winning Book: FLOURISH FOR MUMS by Sonia Bestulic