Corporate Wellness

 As Founding Director of a Speech Pathology company for 15 years, in a heavily female dominant industry; I have an extensive depth of knowledge when it comes to supporting the various needs of working mothers, to thrive.

Whilst leading the company, I had three children in 2 ½ years. I very quickly experienced the personal challenges and rewards that came with motherhood, yet there was one crucial piece missing. The support for, and prioritisation for self-care, as a necessity for peak performance in life, and overall wellbeing.

SO, I devised and personally led 1:1 and group wellness programs for the company. The positive flow-on effects were immeasurable and immediately felt within the workplace and beyond.

Why? Every individual felt seen, heard, and celebrated… and grateful for the investment in their personal growth.

Mothers in the workplace are an enormous asset; offering great richness to any organisation. Let’s ensure we nurture them.

Discover how we can flourish together!



Are you helping working mums to flourish?

Uniquely tailored for mums to re-connect and re-energize, Sonia’s FLOURISH FOR WORKING MUMS workshop creates a safe and confidential space, empowering mothers to

• Redefine self-care as pivotal to peak performance
• Identify obstacles to self-care and ways to overcome them
• Explore individual self-care beliefs and practices
• Learn new ways to explore self-nurture and experience the flow-on effects
• Discover simple yet powerful daily routines and rituals for a personal reset
• Build an authentic ‘village’ of support with fellow working mums

60-minute online workshop hosted LIVE (or in-person)

OPTIONAL: x2 Flourish for Mums 1:1 Check-in Coaching Calls (1/2 hr per session) per workshop participant.



Want to further empower the wellness journey for mums in your organisation?

This program has participants experience a deep dive into four core self-care modules across 4 weekly group sessions hosted online; together with two 1:1 coaching calls.

This is a significant wellness up-level, by;


  • dismantling and breaking through limitations to self-care and identifying unique blocks to wellness progress;
  • facilitating an energised connection to empowering self-care tools;
  • creating a customised and actionable self-care plan;
  • participating in individual motivational coaching;
  • fostering an authentic support circle; with up to x12 participants per program intake.

x4 one-hour weekly group sessions (hosted LIVE online or in-person)

+ x2 Flourish for Mums 1:1 Coaching Calls (1/2 hour per session – fortnightly)



Each of the above program offerings can be further up levelled; with optional value add components such as;


– Wellness Walks

– Bespoke Self-care article series for your workplace

– Monthly group wellness check-ins (LIVE online)


Bestselling Book: FLOURISH FOR MUMS by Sonia Bestulic