As Founding Director of a Speech Pathology company since 2006, working in a heavily female dominant industry; I have extensive depth of knowledge when it comes to supporting the various needs of working mothers, to thrive.

Whilst leading the company, I also had three children in 2 ½ years, gaining a personal understanding of the competing priorities of life demands the transition into motherhood brought with it; whilst appreciating everyone’s parenting journey is unique to them.

Mothers in the workplace are an enormous asset; offering great richness to any organisation.  Lets ensure we nurture them.

Speech Pathology

I love consulting to various organisations, contributing my rich, varied, and extensive background, as a Speech Pathologist, and long-term speech pathology company founder.
Areas of specialty include:
·         Service delivery design and set up
·         Clinical Coaching program development
·         Program development: within early education, education, and health/ medical settings
Allow me to gift your team and organisation with a strong and sustainable point of difference. 


Speech Pathology

I have had the privilege of mentoring and coaching countless
Speech Pathologists at various levels; undergraduate, early career, and


I provide clinical coaching in a 1:1 format, both in person and online.

This service is super valuable for Speech Pathologists working within their solo practice or organisation without regular senior level Speech Pathology support.


Clinical Coaching is provided within a series of 1:1 or small group format sessions.

Coaching/ Training programs and packages can also be tailored to suit your company needs.

Let’s work together!

Bestselling Book: FLOURISH FOR MUMS by Sonia Bestulic