Episode 01 – Welcome to Chatabout Children™

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Chatabout Children™ Podcast with Sonia Bestulic – where we chat about all things children while supporting and empowering you to also grow with the children in your life.

First things first, here’s the reason why we started the Chatabout Children™ Podcast.

The Chatabout Children™ podcast is an extension of www.chataboutchildren.com, a blog that I started years ago to share to my audience (parents, grandparents, carers and people who work with children) some of the topics that I regularly get asked to speak about at various events and conferences. 

With the podcast, I plan to use the platform to share my content in audio format, especially now that people are busier than ever and a podcast is another exciting medium to reach those busy parents and carers.

The purpose of Chatabout Children™ is to create a positive and a collaborative community without the need for the unnecessary judgement that already occurs in society; the intention is to build each other up and provide a wealth of information about raising children, from newborns to pre-teens.

Who is Sonia Bestulic?

I am a children’s author, businesswoman, and speech pathologist who has worked with so many children through the years. I’m a mother of 3 young kids, who were all born within a period of 2 years (no twins in there).

My professional and personal experience working with children and families culminates in my newest endeavour, The Chatabout Children™ Podcast.

Key Takeaways

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • My deep insight into the rewards and challenges of raising young children, having worked with so many families and children through the years
  • One of my greatest passions has been to teach, to educate and to spark the transformation that comes when you empower others.
  • The podcast is looking to not just educate but enlighten you with essential tips, tricks, and strategies that you might find valuable in your day-to-day.
  • Apart from the education, the podcast is also about the celebration of children, and those that care for them – parents, grandparents, carers, people that work with children or people training to work with children.
  • The key message is to encourage you to learn and to laugh with the ones you love — to make you feel empowered, inspired, supported and feel a sense of belonging to a community that understands you.
  • My mantra is family first, but do remember you are part of that family too.
  • Professionals that work with children have a very emotional role, and they need to make sure to look after themselves too.
  • Having borne three children so close together was a steep learning curve for me.
  • My five main pillars of connection: with myself, my husband, children, extended family and the community.
  • Expect fortnightly episodes of Chatabout Children™ of 20-30 minutes per episode featuring experts in the world of children’s health and education, everyday parents and carers, children plus solo shows with your truly.



“My line of work as a speech pathologist has been one of service and care.”

“I just can’t wait to have this podcast and the information on here to provide you with some of that change and transformation.”

“I believe that knowledge is power, but only when powered by action.”

“My long-held belief is that communication is at the heart of connection.”

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Information is to be used at the discretion of the consumer/ listener. The information presented does not replace or substitute the expert advice received from a direct consultation with the relevant qualified professional.


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