Episode 22 – Spotlight on Children’s Author! – Robert Vescio

The language is such an integral part of any child’s development. For many children, language is also learned from books and pictures! Children’s books – especially those with lots and lots of picture, can spark any child’s imagination helping him or her think about the tougher lessons of life in an easy to understand and fun way.

In this episode of Chatabout Children™, we talk with Robert Vescio, a children’s book author, about his work and his thoughts on how adults could help children nurture a love for the written word.
Robert Vescio is an author who has already published several children’s books, with more of them coming. He loves to read and is a self-confessed hoarder of books, especially children’s books. He enjoys writing stories and loves sharing his passion for children of all ages. Some of his books were shortlisted in the 2019 Children’s Book Council of Australia awards. He has published many of his short stories and has won awards for his children’s writing. In the past, Robert worked as a production manager and photo editor in the publishing industry for over 12 years. So, he really knows a thing or two about books!

Key Learnings

  • What drives and inspires Robert in his work
  • Where Robert gets his ideas for his writing
  • The challenges that Robert face when writing
  • Some memorable comments from students in a few of Robert’s school visits
  • Robert’s thoughts on what makes a good children’s book
  • Robert’s advice for parents struggling to read a book to their children
  • Robert’s newly released and upcoming books
  • The power of pictures
  • Take-home Message for Parents who have Kids Who Want to Write
  • Encourage them to try new things and tackle new projects
  • Start small, don’t push them to do too much
  • Expose them to good writing
  • Try out different forms like writing to a friend
  • Let them enjoy writing


“Lead by example. That’s really important. Children can feel and they can understand energy more than words. So you have to make it fun and show them that you’re communicating joy and enthusiasm when reading to them rather than looking stressed and frustrated.”


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