Episode 41 – Spotlight on Children’s Author! Katrina McKelvey

Writing is one of the most satisfying activities children can do. But, oftentimes, we as adults make this activity too hard for our children and, as a result, they lose their natural interest to write. In this author spotlight episode, we invited an author who believes that children should be allowed to write for fun, and she provides practical tips parents can use to encourage their children to write while staying at home.

Katrina McKelvey is a former primary school teacher turned children’s author who has written many children’s picture books and educational readers including No Baths Week, Up to Something, and Isla’s Family Tree (just out this April 2020). She has another children’s picture book coming out soon. Katrina is highly involved in the Children’s Book Council of Australia and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She is also involved in festivals, literary conferences, and loves visiting schools. She’s a wife and mother to two tweenagers and a cocker spaniel. She’s left-handed, loves tea and rollercoasters, and is addicted to mint chocolate. While in lockdown in Disney World a few years ago, she survived Hurricane Gene (category 5) by eating awful brownies.

In this episode, we talk about books, writing, and parenting.

Key Learnings

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • What Katrina did before she became a children’s author
  • How becoming a mother helped Katrina navigate her career
  • How Katrina’s experiences as a child inspire her books
  • Katrina’s parenting style
  • Katrina’s plans for her writing career
  • An author visit Katrina holds memorable
  • Katrina’s thoughts on what to do with kids who don’t like reading
  • How to support adults who want to further their writing
  • The story behind the book Isla’s Family Tree

Tips for Parents Supporting Homeschooled Kids

  • Find the authors who wrote the books and stories you enjoyed. Connect with them on social media and follow what they are doing right now.
  • For children who are good and are interested in writing, join competitions, and get feedback on your writing.
  • Connect with a local writer who can be a writing mentor to your child.


“Educators, can you please just let children write for fun? . . . Just let them write for fun and celebrate that. You don’t want to kill the natural motivation kids have with writing because we got to assess something.”


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