Episode 49 – Speech Pathology Awareness Week 2020: Communicating with Confidence

In honour of Speech Pathology Awareness Week and this year’s theme “Communicating with Confidence”, Sonia Bestulic shares her top ten tips to nurture confident communication in kids. Sonia has been a speech and language pathologist for over 20 years now, having had the the privilege of working with thousands of children and their families to support their communication development – both at oral and written communication levels for a variety of purposes.

She founded the Talking Heads Speech Pathology clinics in Sydney, Australia in 2006, which provides a speech pathology service to individuals of all ages.

To find out more about speech pathology and communication disability, please visit https://www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au/

Key Learnings

Tune in to this episode and learn:

  • Top 10 Tips to Nurture Confident Communication in Kids
  • Facts about the speech pathology profession
  • The work done by speech pathologists with the 1.2M Australians who have a
  • communication disability
  • Various areas speech pathologists currently work on to improve an individual’s communication skills
  • How we can increase our children’s confidence by doing one simple thing
  • Quick tips on successful communication


“Ultimately, a child needs to feel the benefits of what communication can do for them – it can give them choices, it can meet their needs and wants, it can help them self-regulate and express their emotions. So, whether your child is verbal or whether they’re using a communication device, those opportunities for practice are critical, as is ensuring a positive and successful association with communication.”


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Checklist for Communication Development

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