Episode 30 – Raising Readers! Nurturing a Love of Children’s Books

How do you encourage young children to read books? In the age of the Internet and electronic gadgets, is the library still relevant? Are there practical steps you could take to help your child fall in love with reading books? We talk about these questions and many more in this episode of Chatabout Children™.

In this episode, we talk with Megan Daley. Megan is a teacher-librarian at a girl’s school in Brisbane Australia. Her excellent work won her the Queensland Teacher Librarian of the Year by the School Library Association of Queensland. She also holds the national Dromken Librarians Award from the State Library of Victoria. In the past, she was the national vice-president of the
Children’s Book Council of Australia. Currently, she serves on the Queensland Chapter of the board of the Australian Children’s Laureate and in the Queensland Literary Awards, as a judge.
Megan blogs about children’s literature, the library, and technology. She has also written a book, Raising Readers: How to Nurture a Child’s Love of Books.

Key Learnings

I talked with Megan about:

What led her to become a teacher-librarian
What compelled her to write a book about nurturing a child’s love for reading
How to choose the right book to read to your child
Megan’s opinion on physical books versus eBooks
Why you should avoid mass-produced books in department stores and where to look instead
Why audiobooks are awesome
How teachers can inspire children to love books
How to make sure that our children balance reading with physical and social activities

Megan’s Three Tips to Nurture Love of Books in Your Children

1. Make reading fun!
2. Model. Show to your kids that you love reading, and they will follow.
3. Match your child to the right book at the right time for them.


“I know that we all want to be involved in our children’s education, and I feel like literacy is one area where we can have, as parents, a very profound impact.”

“Make reading a joyous experience for the young people in your life, and access anything that you need to develop an identity to your young person as a reader.”

“Regardless of reading difficulties and differences, every child deserves an identity as a reader, and it’s our responsibility as parents and educators and professionals to help them develop that identity.”


Megan Daily’s website: childrensbooksdaily.com
A website for advocates of school libraries: studentsneedschoollibraries.org.au

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