Episode 33 – Raising Eco-Superheros!

Can children save the environment?

Well, with the likes of Greta Thunberg populating mainstream media, a lot of adults did change their minds about what young children can do to address one, if not the most, controversial issues of our century. But children are just half of the equation. The other half are parents, educators, and professionals who are responsible for helping children become environmentally aware human beings. What can you do to nurture a love for nature in the children in your life?

In this episode of Chatabout Children™, we bring in award-winning child empowerment author Karen Tyrrell. Karen is a childhood teacher turn children’s book author whose Songbird series has sparked interest in many children about the wonders and importance of the environment. Her books have won various awards and recommendations as well as the admiration of Sir David Attenborough, an English broadcaster and natural historian. In my conversation with her, she shares her best advice on how parents and teachers can facilitate environmental awareness in young minds.

Key Learnings

Listen and learn about:

Why Karen writes about the environment
What children need to know the most about saving the environment
Are children getting more environmentally aware?
Why spending time in nature and using your five senses while there is important
Awakening interest in nature in someone who is detached from the environment
The genesis of Karen’s Songbird book series
What’s happening with the bees at the moment
What children can do the take care of trees
What kids can do to keep the seas healthy
The letter Karen received from Sir David Attenborough
Greta Thunberg’s example


“Children natural love immersing in environmental activities. It’s just a natural thing that children love doing. Because of that, children think it’s fun. They can see immediate results. It develops children’s community spirit, their echo-awareness, and also their self-reliance that they can do something that makes a difference.?”



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