Episode 32 – Growing up with Dyslexia – Now an Author!

One in ten people or roughly 700 million children and adults around the world suffer from a learning disorder known as Dyslexia. It is a disorder that interferes with an individual’s ability to work with words: reading, spelling, writing, and even speaking.

Our guest for this episode of Chatabout Children™ learned that he has dyslexia after noticing that one of his students struggled with the same things that he struggled with while learning as a child. What’s incredible about our guest’s story is that despite his childhood difficulties with words, he is, today, a published author inspiring children and adults alike with his stories.

Our guest is Paul Russell, the author behind the children’s books My Storee, The Incurable Imagination, and Grandma Forgets. The latter was named a 2018 Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Book. In this episode, we talked about Paul’s journey as a dyslexic who found success in the very thing he struggled with: words.

Key Learnings

Listen to my conversation with Paul Russell and learn:

What inspired him to pursue teaching
His childhood experiences while learning with dyslexia
How he learned about his dyslexia
How one can be successful despite dyslexia
How Paul’s parents nurtured his creativity
Paul’s relationship with writing
How Paul navigated his relationships with his peers
What Paul would say to a dyslexic child who is avoiding school
The story behind My Storee
The power of picture books
The story behind Grandma Forgets
An inside peek into how Paul creates and writes his stories

Paul’s Two Tips for Parents and Teachers of Children with Dyslexia

1. Use the internet to search for information.
2. Look for like-minded people.


“I think the biggest thing with school and then with life is if you can find a passion, no matter what it is, then you can get through.”

“If you find something in school, something around school that you actually enjoy doing, no matter how small it is, it makes everything else easier.”


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