Episode 39 – Giftedness in the Classroom

In our previous episode here in Chatabout Children™, we introduced you to the topic of giftedness. Specifically, we talked about how parents can help their gifted children. In this new episode, we get deeper into the subject of giftedness by inviting an excellent guest who has worked with gifted children and their educators. We ask her, “How can we help gifted children succeed at school?”

Vanessa Ryan-Rendall taught in a primary classroom setting for ten years. After completing her master’s degree in Gifted Education, she worked alongside classroom teachers building up their knowledge of who gifted children are and how to support them within the classroom. She also worked with parents through face-to-face meetings and online webinars. Aside from these, Vanessa blogs about books that she thinks could spark children’s interest in the world around them. This year, she will also have her own book published.

In my conversation with Vanessa, she shares her insights on working with gifted children within the classroom and home.

Key Learnings

  • What gifted education is
  • The difference between being gifted and being talented
  • How Vanessa got into the field of gifted education
  • Some case studies of Vanessa’s work with gifted children
  • Early signs that parents can use to know if their child is gifted
  • How Vanessa’s works with teachers
  • The top three challenges that teachers are facing in terms of working with gifted students
  • What parents who want to do more for their gifted children can do
  • Specific tools and strategies that educators can use in the classroom to help gifted children succeed


“Continue to support your child and believe that you know what’s best for your child.”


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