Episode 12 – Eye Protection & Your Child

It’s easy to take eyesight for granted. We only realize how much we are missing from the world when we lose it permanently or even temporarily through eye injury. Children, especially in their formative years, rely a lot on their vision that parents should be very concerned about how they can protect their children’s eyesight. It is therefore quite unthinkable that there exists very limited information on the internet about eye protection.

In this episode, we invited Emma Richards to talk about the importance of vision and how parents can protect their children’s eyesight. Emma is an optometrist and a mother who lives in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She had training in behavioral optometry, and she continues to nurture her interest in children’s vision. According to her, her primary motivation is to educate people about accidental eye damage and its prevention throughout the lifespan. This mission is supported by an online business she put up, which provides quality eye protection for kids.

Key Learnings

  • What Emma loves about being an optometrist
  • What influenced Emma’s decision to work on children’s vision
  • How Emma became interested with eye injuries on children
  • The most common eye injuries on children based on age groups
  • Why 44-76% of eye injuries happen at home
  • Why it’s important to watch how your pets and your children are interacting
  • What parents can do to prevent eye injury accidents
  • First aid treatments for different eye injuries
  • What children might see in their vision when they have a damaged retina
  • The long-term repercussions of some significant eye injuries
  • Some ideal scenarios when it comes to eye protection
  • How to find the best pair of sunglasses

Emma’s advice for parents who want to train their kids to wear eye protection

  • If you can get your child to wear glasses as early as possible, it will be easier to have them put them on in the long-run, because they’re already used to it.
  • Implement the following rule: “No hat. No sunglasses. No sunscreen. No play.”


“If we can give the kids the best start with seeing and protecting their eyes, we?re setting them up for the best outcomes in the future.”


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