Episode 21 – Exercise and Your Child!

Physical activity is one of the pillars of health. However, exercise is not always the easiest activity to encourage children to partake into. Furthermore, the 21st-century lifestyle has made it all the more difficult to create an environment that inspires children to exercise. Given this, how can you, as a parent, encourage your child to be more physically active? How can you help your child become the most vibrant version of him/herself?

In today’s episode, we bring in Todd Widman from CrossFit Headquarters to talk about children and exercise. Todd is a husband and father to three children aged 12, 9, and 2 and a half who currently lives in Montana, USA. After graduating with a degree in History from Oregon State University in 2000, Todd entered the US Marine Corps. He served as an infantry officer for seven years. In 2005, he encountered CrossFit, which he immediately became qualified to teach the following year. Since 2009, Todd has been coaching children and teenagers while managing the CrossFit Kids program in the CrossFit HQ. In this episode, I picked his brain on his thoughts about how parents can train their children to be more physically active.

Key Learnings

  • How Tom found CrossFit
  • How Tom decided to focus on training children and teenagers
  • What CrossFit really is
  • Why high intensity is relative to who is working out
  • The importance of associating a workout with “fun” when teaching children how to exercise
  • How CrossFit relates with the other sports that children engage into
  • What contributes to the decline of physical activity among children and teenagers
  • Myths about exercise
  • The benefits of exercise to academic excellence
  • How to fix the cycle of obesity in the family
  • Tom’s top three benefits of exercise
  • Tom’s vision for CrossFit in the future

Tips for Parents of Children Who are Reluctant to Participate in any Physical Activity

  • For a younger child, let them know that they are seen. It’s also important for parents to watch their children while they engage in the activity.
  • For older children, it’s important for them to know why they are there.
  • Focus everything you do with the children on success. Find what it is they are good at and reward them with what they are doing well.

“Do less better. Try your best knowing that perfection is the goal but you can never get there. Try your best to focus on one thing today with your child.”


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