Episode 99 – Stitching Legacies: Blending Fashion, Farming & Family with Vanessa Bell

In this episode of Chatabout Children, Sonia Bestulic welcomes Vanessa Bell. Vanessa is a passionate advocate for Australian merino wool, sustainable fashion designer, and entrepreneur.

In sharing her insights on this special Raising Empowered Children series, Vanessa discusses her journey from high fashion model to sustainable fashion designer, and her family’s life on a farm.

Empowering Moments

  • Vanessa’s strong connection to the land due to her family heritage.
  • Raising her son, Charlie, in the countryside and the unique challenges and benefits of rural life.
  •  The importance of trusting children and giving them space to explore and learn.
  •  Encouraging children to take part in family traditions and sustainable practices.
  • The importance of teaching children resilience and independence.
  • Advocacy for merino wool and its benefits: fire-resistant, thermoregulating, and biodegradable.
  • The impact of disposable fashion on the environment and how wool offers a sustainable alternative.
  • Introduction of Vanessa Bell’s knitwear collection incorporating sustainable practices and heritage designs.


Legacy and Tradition

  • Vanessa’s focus on creating generational pieces, such as heirloom baby blankets.
  • The role of knitting in mindfulness and passing down skills through generations.
  • Encouraging families to adopt sustainable practices and create lasting memories.
  • The importance of choosing sustainable options, educating children on environmental issues, and creating a legacy through mindful living.


Future Ventures

  • Announcement of Wilder Sanctuary: Partnership with WWF for wildlife conservation.


Connect with Vanessa Bell

Learn more about Vanessa, her knitwear collection and advocacy work.

Instagram: fashiontofarmer

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