Episode 96 – 3 Ways to Help Kids Nurture Emotional Harmony

This episode of the Chatabout Children podcast forms part of the special Raising Empowered Humans series; hosted by Sonia Bestulic who shares insightful discussions aimed at helping parents, carers, and professionals empower children to serve themselves and the world better.

This episode focuses on nurturing emotional harmony in children which is fundamental to a harmonious life. Sonia draws from her background as a speech pathologist with decades of experience with social-emotional skill development in children and adolescents; combined with her training in Intuitive Life Coaching and Energy Healing.

Sonia introduces three methods to foster emotional harmony; whilst sharing personal stories to illustrate the importance of allowing emotions to be processed and metabolised, whilst emphasizing the significance of also supporting children’s intuition.

The episode underscores the need for self-awareness and daily practice in building a healthy relationship with emotions, both for adults and children.

  • 00:00 Welcome to Raising Empowered Humans Series
  • 01:21 Introduction to Emotional Harmony
  • 02:02 The Importance of Emotional Harmony
  • 03:25 Understanding Emotions as Energy
  • 05:27 Rebecca’s Story: A Lesson in Emotional Expression
  • 09:50 Three Ways to Nurture Emotional Harmony
  • 09:56 Tuning Into Your Body’s Emotional Signals
  • 13:36 Practicing Non-Judgment with Emotions
  • 19:23 Using Breath to Support Emotional Energy

Enjoy this chat with Sonia Bestulic; and remember to share it with family, friends and colleagues who you know will benefit.

May we all continue to flourish together… The Chatabout Children Team.


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