Episode 94 – A New Paradigm of Living and Leading with Kim Woods

In this episode of Chatabout Children, Sonia Bestulic welcomes Master Astrologer and Business Strategist, Kim Woods, to discuss her insights on Raising Empowered Children.

Kim offers invaluable insights from her extensive and uniquely varied professional background. Prepare to be inspired as Kim shares her important perspective on merging feminine intuition with masculine logic to create a new paradigm of living and leading.

Empowering Moments

Kim’s Why in Life: The journey from success-driven mindset to embracing wonder, magic, creativity, and joy. She shares the challenges with her son’s developmental issues, and how this reshaped her perspective.

Raising Empowered Humans: Highlighting the importance of empowering children beyond traditional models; Kim shares more about the integration of intuition and energy work into mainstream practices.

Empowered Individuals: Kim shares how her now adult children, Nick and Katie are unique individuals with distinct characteristics; and how her raising of them as empowered humans has led her children to maturity, self-awareness, and inner authority.

Practical Strategies: Kim encourages us to avoid over-scheduling and foster open conversations from an early age. She was also open to embracing her personal growth across various modalities and sharing the learning with her children within areas such as, flower essences, acupressure, yoga and sound therapy for grounding and self-awareness.

And finally, Kim encourages humour and authenticity in parenting; helping us engage our children in meaningful conversations which will result in alignment and balance in their adult years.

So sit back and enjoy this episode of the Chatabout Children Podcast with Sonia Bestulic as she interviews Kim Woods.


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