Episode 92 – The Power of Thoughts and Words with Sonia Bestulic

Join Sonia Bestulic in this Raising Empowered Humans Series as she navigates the transformative power of thoughts and words in parenting; or working with children. Dive into practical strategies to cultivate positive self-communication and empower both yourself and the children in your life.

Empowering moments:

  • Sonia explores the significance of mastering self-communication as a life skill for fostering healthy relationships with oneself and others. 
  • Understanding the cycle from thoughts to actions and results as a pathway to empowerment.
  • How through challenging thoughts, one can shift feelings and actions towards more positive outcomes. 
  • A poignant example from one of Sonia’s clients whose power of thoughts helped him overcome his stutter and shape reality.
  • Sonia shares 4 KEY STEPS to responding to children when they have unhelpful self-communication. 
  • Practical strategies are shared for you to enhance self-awareness of your thoughts and words and start to shift them immediately to foster resilience and growth in both personal and parental journeys.


So sit back and enjoy this episode of the Chatabout Children Podcast with Sonia Bestulic


Chatabout Children

Flourish for Mums by Sonia Bestulic

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