Episode 90 – Cultivating Abundantly Happy Kids with David Meltzer

In this episode of the ‘Raising Empowered Humans’ Series, we are joined by David Meltzer; World Renowned Sports Executive, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur.

David’s mission – to empower over 1 billion people to be happy! Empowering 1000 people to empower 1000 more, creating a collective consciousness of abundance and happiness. These are principles we can share with our children.

Empowering Moments

  • Empowerment in Childhood – The beginning of David’s belief system and the patience of his single Mum, who raised six children while working two jobs.
  • Accountability and Personal Growth – Accountability involves asking oneself what they did to contribute to a situation, forgiving those imperfections, and enjoying the learning process rather than punishing oneself.
  • Manifest Everything you Desire – Defined as the ability to learn from unplanned circumstances and attracted experiences through gratitude and forgiveness.
  • Reconciling the opposites – Teach children to be productive, accessible, and gracious while pursuing their potential, with faith that good outcomes will result from doing one’s best and having fun.
  • How to give children the ability to find peace and control in the face of challenges.
  • Teaching Children Abundance and Financial Wellness – with 66% of 4-12 yr olds worrying about cost of living, David share’s how parents can teach children an abundance mindset to overcome scarcity mentality
  • Empowering Families for Fulfillment and Goodness – Living in the present moment is key to happiness, health, wealth, and worthiness.

Sit back and enjoy this episode of the Chatabout Children Podcast with Sonia Bestulic and David Meltzer.

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