Episode 85 – Are You a Human Being or a Human-doing?

Since our last chat with Dani Vee in Episode 67, she has released a picture book ‘My EXTRAordinary Mum’.

In this episode we discuss, ‘Are you a human being or, a human-doing?’ As mums it can be easy to adopt an outer focus, and feel at a loss when it comes to our identity. Dani share’s the reason she wrote ‘My EXTRAordinary Mum’ after discussing her life with her children and realising they didn’t know who she was. ‘When you have children there is a breaking down of your identity. But, that’s ok – the positive side of breaking down is being able to re-build.’  Although it has been a difficult few years for us all, Dani has focused on celebrating the ‘wins’ and, more importantly, celebrating and practicing the celebration of others.

So sit back and enjoy this episode of the Chatabout Children Podcast with Sonia Bestulic as she interviews Dani Vee.

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