Episode 77 – Raising Strong, Confident Kids with Dr Louise Metcalf

Raising a child has never been easy. Raising a strong confident child, during a pandemic, is even harder. To learn how this is possible, I sit down with Dr. Louise Metcalf to discuss ways to look after our children’s wellbeing. We specifically talk about how we can teach our children to be more resilient and adaptable, so they can enjoy life as kids while becoming more eager to face the challenges of life growing up.

We discuss the definition of resilience and adaptability, the makings of a strong and confident child and, how we help our kids discover their strengths and find ways to use them. Dr Louise shares how we can manage anxiety in our kids particularly during the COVID pandemic. Dr Louise says “Tell your kids what you like about them as a person – it’s about recognising self-worth.” Her advice to parents and carers is to slow down, practice relaxation and self-care, meditate, teach your kids how to meditate and remember to just stop and breathe.
We discuss some of the reasons we’re observing these mental health issues in kids nowadays and how, after years of supporting children with anxiety and mental wellbeing, Dr Louise had the idea for a robot that can help kids with their anxiety. It came in the form of an app called ‘Gheorg’. The Friendly Robot empowers children with emotional intelligence and mental wellbeing. ‘Build a village around your kids, the village should be quite big’ says Dr Louise ‘Gheorg can be part of that village.’

So, sit back and enjoy this episode of the Chatabout Children Podcast with Sonia Bestulic as she interviews Dr Louise Metcalf.

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