Episode 73 – Grow through what you go through with Dave POW Tabain

Joining us today on the children’s author spotlight, we speak with Dave Pow Tabain. Dave is a three-time World Kettle Bell Champion, motivational speaker and creator of the 30 Day Challenge which inspires thousands of people around the world to achieve their best and face their challenge. He is also the author of the ‘POWman’ books which aim to teach children how to turn bullying into a positive experience.

Before he was an author, Dave grew up in a small country town which came which difficulties. After failing high school English, along with negative mental health experiences, he came to a realisation – ‘When you see what you don’t want to become, you get to a point where the only option is to do something about it.’ So, Dave started Australia’s first kettlebell gym, in a backyard, and actively made choices to change his life. The question then becomes – How can I make this great?

Dave shares his mindset during his first kettlebell championship. ‘I remember stepping onto the platform and the guy who was winning at the time, was making fun of me.’ This just motivated Dave to push harder. ‘My first mindset was to prove myself and that evolved into creating a pathway for myself.’ Dave wanted to use his championship wins to inspire others to look after their own lives. ‘These last few years I have gone within. I’ve taken the energy from kettlebell lifting and turned it towards the books’ says Dave.

There are three books in the POWman series. Book one is ‘Unleash the Hero Within’, then ‘Discover the Strength Within’ and the third being ‘Find the Courage Within.’ Dave tours around to different schools and shares the impact meeting POWman has on the kids. ‘We get all the kids from the school together and I help them to picture themselves in the story and feeling what it would be like. The goal is for them to read a story, which then inspires them to be their best selves.’ Dave goes on to say, ‘I can’t take away the pressure from these kids, but I can teach them how to grow through what they go through.’ In each book Dave has included a ‘POWplan’ where kids learn to strategize around a particular situation. ‘We’ve seen kids who are becoming bullyproof’ says Dave.

So, what are Dave’s top tips for parents and carers who feel the pressure of becoming the perfect role model? ‘Remove the idea of perfect. A superhero’s superpower is rising to occasion in challenging times.’ Dave says parents need to ‘drop the perfectionism and teach your kids that no matter how bad the day is, we can fight again the next day.’

So sit back and enjoy this episode of the Chatabout Children Podcast with Sonia Bestulic as she interviews Dave Pow Tabain.


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