Episode 70 – The Danish Way of Parenting

Let’s uncover the secrets of living a happy life from the Danish people and how they managed to be one of the happiest countries in the world for several years now! I invited a special guest who will be sharing about the education system, parenting styles, and traditions in Denmark that make the Danish people the happiest in the world.

Jessica Joelle Alexander is a bestselling author, journalist, Danish parenting expert, and cultural researcher. Her book “The Danish Way of Parenting: What the Happiest People in the World Know About Raising Confident, Capable Kids” has been published in over 28 countries. Her work has also been featured in Time, The Wall Street Journal, BBC World News, New York Times, Huffington Post, The Atlantic, and many more. She speaks 4 languages and lives in Europe with her Danish husband and two children.

Key Learnings:

Tune in to my conversation with Jessica Joelle Alexander and learn about:

  • How Jessica was introduced to the Danish culture
  • The Danish way of parenting and how it affects the children as they grow up
  • How Denmark has managed to be happy despite the issues in social media
  • How the Danish education system encompasses academics and being a good person
  • The definition of “hygge” (hooga) and its impact on our happiness and psychological space
  • What “pyt” means and situations when the Danish uses the “pyt” button
  • Why reading emotions is important in Denmark
  • What’s next on the cards for Jessica


“Happy children grow up to be happy adults.” – Jessica Joelle Alexander

“Teach respect, be respectful, and you will be respected.” – Jessica Joelle Alexander0

“If there’s that openness, trust, and respect for relationships, then I imagine that digital health becomes something that is shared and is maintained as safe, and it becomes an open discussion as it needs to.” – Sonia Bestulic


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