Episode 69 – Mother’s Day Mash up – Honouring Mothers, Celebrating Children

Experience joy, smiles, laughter, inspiration, and empowerment in today’s heartwarming Mother’s Day mash-up episode! I invited amazing guests including fun-loving psychologist Miranda Watkins, high-profile entrepreneur Tory Archbold, and her daughter Bella Archbold. We also have very special guests on this episode, my three children. 

Miranda Watkins is a psychologist and yoga teacher who is also the founding director of Evolve Wellbeing in Queensland, Australia. She realized her passion in supporting others to create the life best lived by designing healing spaces and a place to feel safe, encouraged, and gently challenged. In witnessing the courage and the strength that her clients come to therapy with, she believes that with the right support and encouragement, so much is possible. She advocates for the restorative benefits of yoga in addition to the value of psychology. 

Tory Archbold is known as the woman who empowers women as the founder and CEO of Powerful Steps. She’s also the host of one of the country’s top-rating podcasts, Powerful Stories. Her daughter Bella is 16 years old and shares a beautiful relationship with her mum. I believe they are the perfect fit for this episode. 

Let’s honour mothers and celebrate children!

Episode Highlights:

 Join me in this podcast episode with Miranda Watkins, Tory and Bella Archbold and learn:

  • Miranda’s thoughts about life before having children
  • What to do when you don’t fit in or haven’t found your tribe
  • Mothers’ most common emotional struggles (anxiety, guilt, shame)
  • The difference between guilt and shame and how parents experience them
  • What mindfulness is and how we can apply it in our lives
  • The definition of self-compassion and what it’s like to practice it
  • A quick exercise to be mindful to come back to the present moment
  • Key ingredients that make Tory and Bella’s mother-daughter relationship strong
  • What motherhood means to Tory and how it changed her world
  • Tory’s practices for self-care and self-nurture
  • Bella’s perspective on Tory’s self-care journey and how it impacted her
  • What Tory and Bella think is the deepest reward of motherhood
  • Tory and Bella’s traditions for celebrating Mother’s Day

Miranda’s Mother’s Day Message for Mums:

“Check in with yourself before you actually check out. Don’t use Mother’s Day as a day to be looked after, or to ask for help, or do self-care. Make every day a bit of a Mother’s Day for you. Acknowledge the work that you are doing, because without you there wouldn’t actually be humanity.”

Tory’s Mother’s Day Message for Mums:

“Believe in yourself and believe in the possibilities of life. If you’re struggling right now, know that that’s okay. Just take some time for yourself to create the space to understand what you truly want from life and then just make it happen… because small steps can be the most powerful steps.”

Bella’s Mother’s Day Message for Mums:

“Love your mum and understand that they’re there, for you.”

Miranda Watkin’s Exercises to Practice Mindfulness as a Mother:

  1. Ask yourself “What do you want?” and “What do you need?”. Write the first 3 things that come to mind.
  2. Keep a list of everything you’ve done today as a mum. If you would look at the list as another mum, how would you judge them?


Trust your gut instinct. Trust your intuition. If you think that move is the wrong move, it probably is. But when you know it’s the right move, just go for it.” – Tori Archbold

“When I look at motherhood and how it changed me for the better, and also Bella for the better, I think it was all about breaking patterns from the past.” – Tori Archbold


Evolve Wellbeing website: https://www.evolvewellbeing.com.au/

Powerful Steps website: https://powerful-steps.com/

Powerful Stories podcast: https://powerful-steps.com/powerful-stories/podcasts/

Flourish for Mums: https://flourishformums.com/

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