Episode 67 – Self-Care for Kids, Teachers and Artists

With the countless rapid technological advancements occurring in the world today, many of us still rely on the power of books to help us think, slow down our brains, expand our minds and cope with life’s experiences. In this special crossover episode, I chat with Dani Vee about the power of books in our everyday life, how they can change our brains, the problem with being busy, and our own self-care routines. If you are an overwhelmed mom with the hustle and bustle of life, hopefully this episode will make you consider taking a moment and care for yourself.

Dani Vee is the host of the popular and incredibly entertaining literary podcast Words and Nerds, where she interviews authors to discuss books, the social and political influences of a writer’s work and how literature has the power to change the world. She is a mom of two kids, an English teacher, avid reader, book enthusiast, self-confessed nerd, and overthinker. 

Key Highlights:

Join me in this podcast episode with Dani Vee and learn:

  • How books have played a huge part in my personal and professional life working with parents, carers, and children
  • Dani’s childhood falling in love with books at a very young age
  • How to make your kids become readers and love reading having kids understand the function and the purpose
  • How reading different books can change our brains
  • How books can teach children and young adults key elements of self-care
  • What we often get wrong about the busy culture and what a different way to approach it
  • Dani’s self-care practices for teachers, artists, and for herself when dealing with anxiety
  • Creating space to reconnect with yourself and spending a few minutes in silence
  • How centering yourself can prepare you to be more responsive than reactive 

Dani Vee’s Self-Care Tips for Teachers and Artists:

  1. For teachers, spend time alone in silence to nourish and rebuild yourself.
  2. For artists, push back against self-doubt and believe in yourself. Do whatever it is you love doing, don’t care about failing. 


“Books change your brain for the better.” – Sonia Bestulic

“You can have a full day but how do you make it fulfilling. and for me look at and consider, how much am I consuming and doing versus creating and being?” – Sonia Bestulic

“Once you center yourself, because you’re prepared and you now have purpose, I think then you become a bit more patient, and probably a better person…. That centering is really important.” – Dani Vee


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