Episode 66 – Looking + After Yourself = Looking After Your Money

When it comes to the topic of money, are you comfortable talking about it with your friends or family? While most of us may have unhealthy patterns with money and use the money to shape the way we feel about ourselves, it is possible to heal our relationship with money and achieve financial health or abundance. My guest today delves into our perceptions of money and shares how this influences our relationship with it. She then describes how we can break free from these unhealthy money blocks and see money simply as a means of exchange, not something which should define our value. Find out in today’s podcast how looking after our finances helps us to look after ourselves. 

Karen Eley is an experienced and former financial advisor who has worked in the financial services industry for 22 years. Karen now helps women who feel confused or overwhelmed with money matters to feel financial competence and confidence through coaching. Karen practices a unique, step-by-step coaching process that uncovers the deep-seated money blocks that subconsciously hold women back personally and financially. With this awareness, she assists clients to move from financial confusion to financial clarity by providing them with the practical tools, knowledge, support, and strategies they need to become fully financially empowered. As a reformed shoe addict, she does understand the temptation of wants versus saving and she is committed to showing women what’s possible with money from both a practical and psychological perspective.

Key Highlights:

Tune in to this episode with Karen Eley and learn:

  • what motivated Karen to enter the financial services industry
  • why she left her financial planning practice to help women and couples manage their financial behaviours and relationship with money
  • how is looking after your finances equal to looking after yourself
  • the negative emotions most of us have around money
  • when do women reach out to Karen and seek her help
  • focusing on the money mindset or the internal solution rather than external
  • the neuroscience behind our relationship with money and our money story
  • where our beliefs about money come from
  • reasons why we tie our self-worth to our net worth and why we shouldn’t
  • practical tips and strategies we can do to become more aware of our money beliefs
  • the top obstacles to financial abundance and health
  • Karen shares her own personal money story 
  • couples’ communication around money
  • ways we can implement to become better with our finances and financial health

Karen’s Tips on How to Care for Ourselves by Looking After Our Money

  1. Self-awareness – Understand your money story and beliefs by going back and exploring what life was like for you as a child, what your parent’s money behaviours were like and which traits do you share with them as you grew up.
  2. Forgiveness – Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself for past financial mistakes.
  3. Take ownership. 
  4. Write an inventory list of things you’re really good at and identify which strengths you can utilize to earn money from.
  5. Write a list of 5 things you can do to focus on your money and schedule a time to do it once a week.


“We need to be looking at the internal issues because that’s what we need to be making the change from and when I talk about internal issues its really bout money mindset.” – Karen Eley

“Acknowledge all the really good things about you rather than focusing on the negative things, that goes back to our instinctual brain to keep us safe, so it’s very responsive but we need to override that and say look at all the positive things.” – Karen Eley

“We’re only limited by our belief.” – Karen Eley

“Wherever we have our conversation about money, we’re really having a conversation about our values. we will always as human beings defend our values to the death.” – Karen Eley


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