Episode 63 – Spotlight on Children’s Author – Georgie Donaghey

There are particular moments in our life when we desired to pursue something for a time and ended up forgetting it because we just ‘grew up’. We went on with our lives and lived for the things that we now love. But somehow, those desires that we have kind of swept under the rug still manage to come back and stay. Turns out, these are the things that would truly give us joy, be the light in the midst of our loneliness, and the thing that we need to be able to fully express who we are. For our guest today, those passions that give her joy, are the light in the midst of her loneliness and her self-expression are writing and reading! Today, her burning passion has helped thousands of children develop their passion and talent for it too.

Georgie Donaghey was bitten by a redback spider. That same year, she won her first writing competition. As a grown-up (that’s if children’s authors ever grow up), Georgie is an internationally published award-winning author, wife, and mother of three. Never knowing where inspiration will strike next, Georgie carries a notepad wherever she goes, and she even has a waterproof notepad stuck to her shower wall. Georgie is terrible at keeping secrets. Just ask the thousands of children around the country that she has shared writing secrets with at her school visits. Georgie’s obsessed with helping kids to bring their stories to life. She has structured a number of workshops and presentations designed to harness kids’ imaginations and free their inner author. Georgie believes all emerging authors and illustrators should have a voice. So, in 2011, she founded Creative Kids Tales. Through this industry-recognized resource, Georgie has guided many authors towards their first publishing contracts. In December of 2019, Georgie also launched an exciting new direction for Creative Kids Tales—the Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency.

Key Takeaways:

Listen to this podcast episode with Georgie Donaghey and learn:

  • What she did before she became a published author
  • How she got bitten by a redback spider and what part this event played in her journey
  • Being creative in mixing facts and fiction to create interesting and entertaining stories
  • The importance of letting kids make their own choices and involving them in non-pressuring activities
  • The big takeaways for kids after leaving one of Georgie’s workshops
  • Observing (as parents and carers) what kids are drawn into
  • One of Georgie Donaghey’s writing secrets
  • Georgie’s take on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing
  • Georgie Donaghey’s published (and upcoming) books
  • About the organization she founded—Creative Kids Tales

Georgie Donaghey’s Take on Dealing with Parents that Force Their Kids to Read:

Bring your kids to the library. Go to the library. Have a look around. Let your child go to the bookshelf and have a look. Let them go and pick it up, feel it, smell it. It’s all different sensations and it’s really important.

The Big Takeaways of Kids After Attending One of Georgie Donaghey’s Workshops:

  1. The workshop would leave them feeling inspired. It would leave them learning a lot of things afterwards.
  2. It would remind them that they are in charge and that they shouldn’t be dictated. They can do whatever they want in their story. They can create whatever they want. It’s just total freedom. 

One of Georgie Donaghey’s Writing Secrets for Aspiring Authors:

“It’s about entertaining, and not preaching… Kids have enough lessons from school, from parents. Let them be kids, let them enjoy—the adventure, the story. Let them be kids, don’t preach. Never preach to kids in books.”

Georgie Donaghey’s Top Tip for Aspiring Authors:

  1. Invest. It’s more than just writing. You cannot just pick up a pencil or pick up a pen and write or sit at your computer and have it published.
  • Get to know publishers.
  • Know where your story’s going to fit in.
  • Know what you need to do.
  • Know how you need to get out there to schools.

Georgie Donaghey’s Books:

  • Lulu
  • Clover’s BIG Ideas
  • In the Shadow of an Elephant



“If you can’t go through the front door, go through the back door or the window. There’s always a way in.”

“If kids don’t like reading, it’s because they haven’t found a book. They haven’t found their adventure that they need to fall into.”

“Don’t force kids into something just because you want it for your child. Allow them to find their little niche—the book that they love, an adventure they love.”

“It’s really important that kids find the book that they need at that particular point in their life.”


Creative Kids Tales website – creativekidstales.com.au

Creative Kids Tales FB group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/CreativeKidsTalesNetwork/ 

Georgie Donaghey website – georgiedonaghey.com.au

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