Episode 62 – The Kidpreneur

The identities we place on ourselves today were somehow shaped by our experiences of growing up as kids. We would associate our present positions and achievements to our past dreams and goals. Therefore, it is important to for our young children now to receive all the support they need to explore whatever it is that they want to pursue. Whether that is to do business, become a doctor, an artist, or a philanthropist, we must be quick to show and give our support because it will shape them into the people they are meant to be. Today’s guest has a similar story. She grew up with an entrepreneurial mindset and has never stopped flourishing since.

Franziska is the Co-founder of Basic Bananas, The Business Hood, Oceanlovers and Moments of Humanity. In 2013, Franziska was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award recognizing her innovation, creativity, and philanthropic involvement. Franziska is a board member at the Entrepreneurs Organization. She sits on the judging panel for Singularity University and has run think tanks at the United Nations to address the UN’s sustainable development goals through entrepreneurship. Franziska is the author of two best-selling books, with a third one just released in 2020. And just quietly, Sir Richard Branson wrote the Foreward.  She is regularly featured across the media including Forbes, SmartCompany, Marie-Claire, Channel 9, Business Magazine, the list is endless. Franziska is a Swiss born Australian (or you could call her a Swaussie) and is known for her down-to-earth attitude, infectious energy, integrity, and courage to take the lead.

Key Highlights:

Join me in this fun podcast episode with Franziska Iseli and know:

  • Her experiences in earning money as a child
  • How her love for entrepreneurship grew eventually
  • The businesses she founded ever since
  • What fuels her to keep propelling forward and maintaining the momentum
  • How she won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award
  • The winner mindset and characteristics of an entrepreneur
  • What attributes of children contribute to becoming successful entrepreneurs someday
  • All about the books she wrote over the past years

Franziska’s Own Definition of an Entrepreneur:

An entrepreneur is someone who…

  • creates something (product/service) that makes an impact to someone.
  • has the courage to launch their product or service, stand behind it, believe in it, and get it out there.
  • is in the business of solving problems.
  • does not shy away from problems.
  • is really good at navigating through challenges.

Attributes in Children that will Contribute to Business Success:

  1. COURAGE – The more we learn to be courageous, when we are adults we will take risks. 
  2. RESILIENCE – Learning to work so you could have something at a young age teaches resilience as well.
  3. FAILURE – Be okay with failure. It’s a good thing, it’s something that teaches us a lot.

Franziska Iseli’s Books:

  • Bananas About Marketing
  • Perception
  • The Courage Map

Franziska’s Take-Home Message for Parents and Carers:

“Don’t prepare the road for the kids, prepare the kids for the road.” Give them the tools so that they could deal with things.” Teach kids to have confidence and resilience. Teach them to respond with kindness, to not take things personally, and to have a self-belief


“Kids are naturally problem-solvers. They work it out, they try, they fall over, they get up.”

“Our role is to prepare the kids for the road, not to prepare the road for the kids.”

“If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll take risks all day long.”

“We are in a world where we get things thrown at us that can be a challenge, and as parents, we can’t shield our kids, but we can give them the tools to deal with whatever comes their way.”


Personal blog account – franziskaiseli.com

Basic Bananas website – basicbananas.com

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