Episode 102 – The Foundations of Flourishing Finances with Robyn Saranah

In this episode of Chatabout Children, Sonia Bestulic welcomes Robyn Saranah, known for her long standing executive career in the financial industry; including the role of National General Manager of Commonwealth Private Bank, and Executive Director of Commonwealth Private.

Robyn shares insights from personal experiences and research, shedding light on financial attitudes, and the need for early financial education for children.

Empowering Moments

Real-Life Example: A compelling example is shared of a woman navigating financial challenges post-separation, showcasing the importance of long-term planning and taking incremental steps towards financial security.
Early Financial Education: Promoting open dialogue and accountability. Discussing concepts like needs versus wants and introducing tools for financial management.

Magnificence of Money: The positive impact of money, its role in supporting families, communities, and philanthropy.

Psychology of Money: Robin emphasizes the significance of self-awareness in understanding your feelings and attitudes towards money. Drawing from personal experiences and upbringing, individuals can recognise patterns that influence financial decisions and cultivates future empowerment.

Foundational Modules: Robyn highlights three fundamental modules for financial education: understanding personal feelings about money, basics of budgeting, and principles of savings and investment. Robin underscores the need for early financial education, emphasizing the diverse learning paths suited to individual needs and stages of life.

So sit back and enjoy this episode of the Chatabout Children Podcast with Sonia Bestulic as she interviews Robyn Saranah.

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