Episode 100 – Top 3 Life Skills Helping Kids Build Flourishing Futures

In this 100th episode of the Chatabout Children podcast, host Sonia Bestulic shares another insightful episode to this special Raising Empowered Humans series.

Sonia has produced this series, to inspire parents, carers, and professionals to raise children who are of highest service to themselves and to the world.

Today, Sonia weaves her decades of experience as a Speech Pathologist, working with thousands of children and their families across the globe, together with her expansive training within the realms of Intuitive Life Coaching, and Energy Healing. Sonia is also a mother of three children; who were all born in 2 ½ years, when she was four years into running her allied health company.

Discover what Sonia deems the top three life skills that help children build a flourishing future; and how parents/ carers and professionals who work with children can collectively and successfully contribute.

Enjoy this transformative episode with Sonia Bestulic.

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Chatabout Children


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Chatabout Children
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