Episode 44 – Dogs – A Popular Family Pet!

In this episode, we sit down with Katie Saran of Hounds in Harmony to chat about man’s best friend, dogs! Katie shares with us the joy of having a dog as part of the family, things to consider before getting a puppy or dog, and how we as parents can contribute not only to our child’s wellbeing but to our pets as well. So whether you’re thinking about adding a canine member to your family or wanting to learn more about dogs, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.

Katie Saran is the founder of Hounds in Harmony, a Sydney based business providing private consultations for behavior training and natural therapies for dogs. Katie works with a wide range of families with new puppies and dogs to set them up for success, helping dogs with behavioral issues, and those working towards public access as assistance dogs. Katie’s expertise comes from a comprehensive educational framework including a Bachelor of Biological Sciences, Master of Applied Science, an advanced diploma in Canine Behavior and Management, and many more courses in natural therapies, human special needs, and education. Her formal education is further enriched with over 16 years of experience in pet care and training including over a decade working in the assistance dog field.

Before founding Hounds in Harmony in 2018, she was the Head Trainer with Assistance Dogs Australia, working directly with families with a range of special needs and therapy dogs. She has also presented demonstrations & talks for a wide range of media & audiences, including universities. Katie continuously expands her knowledge, attending seminars and conferences to complement a holistic approach to the wellbeing of dogs. She is driven to help families find harmony with their dogs become the best version of themselves. She’s got two gorgeous dogs herself, Xylo, a 12-year-old labrador, and Jester, a 7-year-old mixed breed rescue.

Key Learnings

Tune in to our conversation and learn:

– What got her into this line of work

– Why she took a more holistic approach in working with puppies and dogs

– Things to consider before adding a puppy or dog to their family

– Biggest challenges families experience in those early stages of getting a puppy

– Why training is so important to create a bond with your dog and setting them up for success

– When would families need the support of a professional in training their dogs

– Core principles that you should be doing as a puppy or dog owner

– Common behavior issues observed in dogs inside and outside the home

– Easy ways that families can look out for the optimal wellbeing of their dog

– Working with therapy and assistance dogs

– The benefits and rewards of animal-assisted intervention

Key Messages Katie would like to send out to families considering getting a dog or puppy:

  1. Never underestimate the importance of training.
  2. Boost that interaction and connection with your dog.

Take home Messages to those who already have dogs within their families:

  1. Enjoy having that gorgeous family member you’ve got with you, but do not forget training.
  2. Understand the communication side so that you and your dog can work together as a team.


“Having a strong bond with your dog opens you up to achieve so much together and it’s a beautiful thing to get to enjoy.”


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