Episode 45 – A Celebration of Fatherhood, Kids and Connection

Almost any parent can talk about what a multi-faceted and wonderful experience raising kids can be, but how often do we hear a dad’s perspective when it comes to the highs and lows and fatherhood? Well, in this episode, I got to chat with Luke Benedictus about his journey in becoming a father, why he created resources for dads and built a community for all types of fathers, and why he believes it is so important to inspire men to step up and embrace the opportunity of fatherhood with both hands.

Luke Benedictus is the co-founder of The Father Hood, a website that offers support, advice, and inspiration for dads. Last year, they released their first book The Father Hood: Inspiration for the New Dad Generation, designed to celebrate the evolution of Dad Life. A lifelong journalist, Luke was previously the editor of Men’s Health magazine, and his career in journalism has included roles at a variety of magazines, newspapers and websites in London, Paris, and Australia. Having grown up in England, Luke moved to Australia in 2002, where he now lives with his wife and two young sons.

Key Learnings

Tune in to our conversation and learn about:

  • Luke’s journey on becoming a father and how it all started
  • How his life changed when his first son was born
  • What it’s like for fathers connecting with their kids for the first time
  • How Luke built in flexibility to navigate the balance between work and family life
  • Why he thinks being fatherhood is worth celebrating
  • The rewards of spending time with your kids
  • How this generation of fathers broke societal and cultural expectations of what it’s like to be a dad
  • How more dads are becoming more involved in their kids’ lives
  • Why now greatest time to be a dad but also the most challenging
  • Why he thinks fatherhood is the champion league of manhood?
  • The birth of The Father Hood website
  • What has Chris Hemsworth’s fatherhood experience got to do with mine?
  • Why the need for resources as well as a community for fathers is so important

Luke’s Advice to New Dads and How They Can be Best Supported:

  1. Always carry tissues and keep your sense of humor.
  2. The need for resources for dads and a community like The Father Hood is so important.
  3. Find flexibility around your work to spend more time with your family.


“We’re doing this because we believe that better dads lead to better families.”

“Until it is unremarkable for men to play an equal role in domestic life, it will remain remarkable for women to have an equal role in the workforce.


The Father Hood website: https://www.the-father-hood.com/

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