Sonia contributes a high calibre of expert content to various organisations and global media platforms across TV, Radio/ Podcasts and Print.

In August of 2018, I felt ready to communicate at a global level – and so I launched the Chatabout Children with Sonia Bestulic podcast; to empower people to grow with the children in their lives.
I share my expertise, and that of amazing people worldwide; from the Vice President of The LEGO Foundation in Denmark, to CrossFit HQ in the USA, and homegrown Australian experts and guests.

Providing education and training has always been a super passion. There is something so deeply rewarding when it comes to sharing with people the knowledge, the strategies, the tools and the skills, to be able to enhance their everyday, whether at home, school or in the workplace.
Countless times, I have witnessed the far-reaching benefits of helping one person… (it is never one person really; for often the new-found skills and knowledge also benefit those around them).

One of my life mantras is to add value. Every single episode has invaluable key learning and ‘golden nuggets’ of advice and information.

The information is trusted, evidence based, and value packed; with download numbers continuing to grow rapidly.

Tune in now; and remember to share them with those who you know will benefit!

Sonia has contributed to/ appeared in

Award Winning Book: FLOURISH FOR MUMS by Sonia Bestulic