Reece Give Me Some Peace Launch Event Reflections

Reece Give Me Some Peace! LAUNCH EVENT reflections…
It is now a week post the launch event of Reece Give Me Some Peace! Wow did we have some musical fun!

It was hosted by Harry Hartog Bookseller, at Miranda Westfield, Sydney Australia… (thank you for being wonderful hosts Harry Hartog!) and the guests were amazingly supportive and super enthusiastic too!

I had a ball with the children – interactively sharing Reece Give Me Some Peace, with some vocal read along moments, music making with our bodies and then really making some noise (er, i mean music) with musical instruments – all in the spirit of fun loving, noisy music making Reece!

Of course i couldn’t have a celebration without some tasty treats; so organised my very favourites… the Sydney famous Watermelon cake (thank you Black Star Pastry www.blackstarpastry.com.au), amazing Italian sweets, Ricotta Cannoli and Nutella Bomboli (thank you Cimini’s Pasticceria www.facebook.com/ciminispasticceria/) and gorgeous customised cupcakes (thank you Buttercream Bakery www.buttercream.com.au).

It was such a wonderful and happy occasion to get people together for… i am already looking forward to my next book’s launch! 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy some pics!


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