Kisses in Your Heart – Book Launch Reflections…

And so Book Baby number two was born… nine months later! Kisses in Your Heart…

I must say this does remind me a little of having my three children born very close in age. You will certainly be updated on any other additions due to be born into my book family!

For now – let’s relish in Kisses in Your Heart; a book whose words came to me at a time when my desire to express my deep love for my children, and wish for them to go into the world with health, happiness, and strength was at its greatest.

I am just starting to settle down a little from the strongly heartfelt celebration of the book launch. As I mentioned in my speech, being able to connect and inspire others in a valuable form of expression such as writing is an overwhelmingly humble experience.

Kisses in Your Heart goes beyond a tender and simple bedtime blessing that carries all Mum’s heartfelt love inside. Her kisses rest in the heart – always there to help heal hurts, overcome fears and unlock inner courage.

For one such as myself who has an ongoing love affair with words; the celebration of Kisses in Your Heart was such an emotionally felt one, that words could not quite reach the depth of accurately describing the beautiful atmosphere of the room. The coming together of people who felt strongly connected to a loved one, and too shared the great desire to impart comfort, reassurance and ultimately love. Kisses in Your Heart is and will be for many more, that medium of expression, allowing a connection that will empower inner strength for both children and adults alike, for many years to come.

A big thank you to all those that came along to celebrate, to support my writing, and to share the love of Kisses in Your Heart. A recent review describes it as…

a timeless tale…its wide appeal suited to the generations for its ability to create and reminisce on memories, tighten bonds and provide a level of comfort and strength that children can carry with them anywhere, and always’ (Just Write For Kids)

Launch image.JPG



·  Big Sky Publishing – for making all this possible!

·  Nancy Bevington – the wonderfully talented illustrator who can “see my mind”

·  Amanda Lieber – my fellow Children’s Author who is amazing… look out for her upcoming books!

·  Harry Hartog Bookseller Miranda Westfield – you are all so fantastic; keep up the wonderful work that you do.

Catering thanks goes to;

·  Mum and Zia Fifa for the home-made Italian biscuits

·  Stella from Baked Creations – for the impressive cake and love heart cookies!

·  Cimini’s Pasticceria – for the canoli and bomboli


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