Chatabout Children™ Book Boutique + is the place to find carefully selected books (plus more!), suitable for;

  • Children
  • Parents/ Carers
  • Professionals who work with children

These books, plus selected products have been especially recommended, drawing from Sonia Bestulic’s expertise as a Senior Speech & Language Pathologist; Multi Award nominated Author, Parent/ Professional coach and educator… and a mother of three!

Together with Sonia’s recommendation; many of the books (and other products) have been tried and tested by children and adults within the home and/ or educational contexts and by Sonia’s Speech Pathology team in her clinics, in Sydney, Australia.

Many resources have also been inspired by Sonia’s interviews on the Chatabout Children with Sonia Bestulic podcast.


Books for Children


Finding the good when things seem bad

Author & Illustrator: Josh Langley
Published April 2020

Fantastic for…
– Building kids resilience
– Strengthening kids confidence
– Encouraging kids to practise positive self-talk



Starting school can be scary sometimes

Author: Ashling Kwok
Illustrator: Cara King
Published June 2020

Fantastic for…
  – Kids due to start school
  – Inspiring kids to be brave and courageous
  – Encouraging children to be themselves


A Book about Identity and Belonging

Author: Jane Martino
Illustrator: Annie White
Published January 2021

Fantastic for…
– Exploring feelings and perceptions of self
– Celebrating individuality, and identity
– Empowering children to strengthen their self-awareness


Helping kids handle friendship drama, academic pressure and the self-doubt of growing up

Author: Michelle Mitchell
Published 5th April 2019

Fantastic for…
– Practical resilience building activities
– Understanding how to maximise resilience teaching opportunities
– Helping kids strengthen their self-awareness, confidence and relationships


(Book 1 of Bullying series)

Author: Susanne Gervay
Illustrator: Cathy Wilcox
Published March 2000

Fantastic for…
  – Addressing bullying in schools
  – Inspiring kids to speak up about bullying
  – Creating community, not isolation when it comes to bullying


Understanding how food affects your child and what you can do about it

Author: Sue Dengate
Published February 2008

Fantastic for…
– Understanding the link between food intolerances and learning, behaviour and health
– Learning about the ground-breaking research when it comes to chemicals in food
– Parents/ Carers to make a more informed decision on foods selected for children

Book sharing as part of a child’s daily routine, and in an interactive way, has enormous benefits, including;

Building attention and listening skills

Strengthening a child’s vocabulary

Increasing understanding of language

Creating an opportunity for a child to use language in various ways

Reinforcing problem solving skills

Facilitating empathy development

    Importantly; interactive book sharing strengthens relationship bonds and allows an opportunity for valuable human connection.

    We are advocates for early intervention; and a holistic approach. We recognise the great importance of communication as a life skill; and also respect and work to strengthen the link between spoken language and learning to read, spell and write.

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